Amateur, Semi- or Professional Singers!

Singing Lessons

Regardless of whether you sing pop, jazz, folk or classical music or a mixture of styles and whether you sing for pleasure or on a semior professional level, feel free to contact Hilary for an appointment to meet her and discuss with her the best course of action for you. You may want to find out what music might best suit your voice or how high or low your voice really can go. You might want to improve your breath-control or learn to sing in harmony with others and you may want to test your progress by taking some singing exams or prepare for an important audition to either enter a music college or get a part in an opera, operetta or musical. Whatever your goal(s) or ambitions are, you can rely on Hilary's expertise and years of experience to help you realise them.


After your introduction, Hilary usually suggests a course of five lessons as a sort of initial period in which to get to know each other and to get used to working together. If mutually agreeable, a further course of lessons, of which the frequency would be decided on together, can be arranged. Courses of five-, ten- or twenty-lessons paid in advance come at a discount.




Do you have someone near and dear to you, who loves to sing and whom you wish to encourage to develop his/her voice?

Why not give him/her a present of some singing lessons in the form of one of Hilary's own, specially designed, personalized gift vouchers?

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Hilary teaches in three different locations:



Highfield Rugby Club

                     Woodleigh Park, Glasheen

Cork City


Fermoy Youth Centre

Ashe Quay, Fermoy, Co. Cork


and in her own studio

at home in

Tallow, Co. Waterford