Do you have trouble being heard?

Do you get a sore or tired throat after giving a class?

Or a dry cough after choir practice?

Do you lose your voice?


Speakers &  Singers!


Find your voice again and learn to develop its full potential!

Voice Coaching is not just about looking after the vocal chords, but also about understanding the way the whole body can be used as a ''vocal instrument'', being trained in techniques which ensure an effortless, free and healthy vocal production. It is aimed at those who use their voice intensively in their daily work: teachers, singers, actors and public speakers and all those whose livelihoods depend on maintaining an efficient, effective and expressive vocal production. The symptoms listed above are, unfortunately, common enough, but they are all signs of misuse of the voice, which can eventually lead to permanent damage of the vocal apparatus.


Commencing with a vocal assessment and diagnosis of the vocal problems experienced by the client, a series of coaching sessions will be decided on together. These can be half-hourly, three-quarter-hourly or hourly sessions once a week or fortnight as required and will include an evaluation after the first introductory five sessions.


Depending on the number of participants, the location and the time-span, workshops and courses (1-2-3-5-day) can be catered for, which will include vocal assessments, explanations of the basic workings of the vocal apparatus and analysis of how and why vocal problems occur. The basic elements involved in the correct use of the speaking voice: Pace, Pause, Pitch, Inflection, Volume, Projection, Sonority and Diction, will be pinpointed by a programme of demonstrations and practical exercises undertaken by the participants. As a result, a basic knowledge and understanding of the interplay of muscles throughout the body, which is required for the correct posture, breathing, support and placing of the voice, should be achieved. Each participant will receive a handbook presenting all the elements covered in the course and containing anatomical diagrams and other visual aids to help clarify and support its practical application.

Coaching & Courses:



Hilary teaches in three different locations:



Highfield Rugby Club

                     Woodleigh Park, Glasheen

Cork City


Fermoy Youth Centre

Ashe Quay, Fermoy, Co. Cork


and in her own studio

at home in

Tallow, Co. Waterford


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